Will you do print, online or both?

Print only for now. As we grow, we will likely have to have issues available online to satisfy our readers. The vision of this magazine is to experience the nostalgia of printed material. There’s something inspirational about reading art through the pages. This magazine is all about that.


Who is your audience?

We hope to reach out nationally as time goes on, as this magazine can be a staple for visitors to come.  We feel that Utah is at a major turning point and is ready to shine, showcasing the beauty, drive, and sophistication our unique culture has to offer. Salt Lake City and it’s surrounding metro areas are booming and blooming.  Our richness is found everywhere in this state and we’d like to grow together as we journey to become a charming, edgy, creative, and inspiring culture. Our audience will likely have an interest in how we help discover and influence growth.


Is it a paid magazine and what will the price point be?

It will be a paid magazine and the price point won’t be announced until initial print and distribution (August).  However, it will be easily affordable.


Will you be providing magazine subscriptions?

We will start subscriptions as we gain momentum. That could be this year, or it could be in 3 years. It’s too early to say.


Where can I find a copy to purchase?

We wish to see UIM at airports, grocery stores, coffee shops, hospitals, libraries, etc.

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The first year will require strategic distribution with full consideration to our primary sponsors and preferred advertisers.


How will you handle advertising space per issue?

We’ve tailored competitive price points for ad space in the magazine and will only be providing full page, half page, back cover, and inside cover space.  Our ad pages will need to be pre approved to coincide with the style, look and visual standards of the magazine.  We provide complimentary photoshoots by our hand picked photographers for UIM highlighted articles. Those photographers are always available for ad space work as well.  


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